Dick Cheney Developed Workaround for 25th Amendment

October 20th, 2013

Dick Cheney, our former Vice President, and author of the aptly named book “Heart,” had concerns for a possible “gap” in the 25th Amendment. So he developed his own workaround.

For the entire time Cheney was vice president, he had a secret letter of resignation pending. He wrote this letter because he saw a gap in the U.S. Constitution. If a vice president is alive but incapacitated, there’s nothing in the Constitution that allows for that person’s removal. Worried that he might find himself in that position, he created the unprecedented letter.

Cheney said he gave the letter to his counsel, David Addington, with instruction that it was to be delivered to President George W. Bush if Cheney were to become incapacitated.

Dick and David were good at figuring out workarounds of the Constitution.

H/T Outside the Beltway