Prop2 Class 15 – Easements II

October 8th, 2013

Today we will wrap up our coverage of easements, and focus on whether easements in gross are assignable, what the scopes of easements are, and whether easements can be terminated.

The lecture notes are here, and the live chat is here.
Othen v. Roster was authored by Justice Brewster of the Texas Supreme Court.


Here a map of the property at issue in Othen, courtesy of the Dukeminier web site.




Here is a map of the Atlantis Beach Club from the New Jersey Supreme Court case, and a contemporary article from the New York Times. Also, here is a listing of the current fees to use the beach (assuming you can find it).


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You can also learn about a recent Texas Supreme Court opinion, Severance v. Patterson, concerning easements on the beach of the Gulf Coast here and here.