Scalia: “One sees a monster and the other sees a hero.”

October 7th, 2013

Dahlia Lithwick follows-up with Jennifer Senior, the author of the lengthy NY Mag interview with Scalia.

“It’s embarrassing, but the overlap between our worlds is almost nonexistent. It explains why the left and the right both responded so enthusiastically to this piece. Each side sees its own view, affirmed. One sees a monster and the other sees a hero. It’s extraordinary, actually. The O’Reilly constituents think he’s speaking sense; the Jon Stewart vote thinks virtually everything the guy says is nuts.”

I think that is very accurate. My friends on the right viewed this interview as eminently reasonable, and those on the left were appalled.

To close followers of Scalia, of which I count myself, this was nothing new. Just Nino being Nino.