There’s a movie about Justice John Marshall Harlan II’s Chambers and Clay v. United States

October 4th, 2013

Mike Sacks hosts a HuffPo Live panel on the upcoming movie, “Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight,” which tells the story of how Justice John Marshall Harlan persuaded the Justice to vote 8-0 in favor of Ali’s draft dodging. Mike also interviews Tom Krattenmaker, who clerked for Harlan that term, and later went on to serve as the Dean of William & Mary Law School.

Wow! I need to watch this movie… I’m still convinced that one day my book will be the basis for a movie. One day.

Update: And here is a pic of the early Burger Court in 1970 for Clay v. United States.  The gentleman leaning forward should be Burger (1), then Black (2), then (obscured) Douglas (3), then (looking at his hands) Harlan (4), then it should be Brennan (also obscured) (5), then it should be Stewart (with the glasses closet to the camera) (6), then White (7),  then Marshall (off screen) (8), then Blackmun (9). (Update, I mixed up my seniority, everything is right).


Danny Glover as Thurgood Marshall: