Prop2 Class 13 – Nuisance and Remedies

October 1st, 2013

The lecture notes are here. The live chat is here.

We will use this resource about the Coase Theorem in class (courtesy of Professor Frank Buckley at George Mason Law). Alas, Ronald Coase passed away in September 2013 at the age of 102.

To illustrate the Coase Theorem, we will utilize the classic example of the Fountainbleau Hotel in Miami.




Or this related case from Dallas:

The Nasher contends that the developers of the $200 million tower, completed in January, have been intransigent in refusing to modify its reflective glass skin; the Nasher has proposed louvers for the facade.

Museum officials say the garden has had to be resodded twice because of the higher temperatures created by sunlight bouncing off the glass; that some trees have burned; and that light-blocking panels were needed for the roof during a recent Ken Price sculpture retrospective.


Images courtesy of, Wikipedia, and Professor Frank Buckley.

Here are the diagrams of the land from Del Webb.

In 1962:


In 1965: