One of the reasons why I post all of my lectures on YouTube

October 1st, 2013

Because I receive emails like this one:

Professor Blackman:

I am a first-year law student at ***. I was looking one day last week for more information on YouTube to help me with Property and I came across your videos. I watched the “fee simple” video for Property 1 Class 9 and it was extremely helpful and informative. I have since shared the links to your videos with my classmates and the few that have watched have found them as enlightening as I.
I wanted to take this time to personally thank you for your time and diligence in making the videos. I also wanted to let you know that you are “speaking English” and that you are very understandable and that you have helped myself and my fellow classmates immensely thus far in our first semester.
We look forward to joining you again and again throughout the semester to gain a better knowledge of Property Law. Thank you, again!
Best regards,

I’ve known for some time that people outside the Houston area are watching my videos. It’s great to see such kind words.

My students have also told me they find it useful to rewatch lectures before final exams (I usually see a spike in traffic during finals week).

The main potential downside is that students will skip class and just watch the videos. I deal with that in a very simple way. The recording only picks up my voice, not the voice of students in the classroom. I talk, maybe 30% of the class. The majority of the discussion is from students talking. If you watch the video, you miss all of that. And that’s usually where I elicit the most important information, which I may or may not repeat for the camera. So you get the lecturing I do, but you miss the discussion and breaking down of cases.

If you are interested, every lecture I’ve given is on my YouTube channel.