Head of State Criticized For Using Private Medical Facility Rather Than “Public Health Care System”

September 27th, 2013

I write, of course about King Juan Carlos of Spain, who underwent hip surgery at a private facility after sustaining the injury while elephant hunting. But I’m sure our heads of state would do no different.

Plus points that the article uses the word unprecedented twice!

The king’s lengthy list of medical problems includes breaking his hip in April of last year. Rather than generating sympathy, that accident ignited public outrage about the monarch’s lifestyle after it was disclosed that the king had fractured his hip while on a private elephant hunting trip in Botswana. Following that emergency surgery, the king was forced to issue an unprecedented apology to the Spanish people as the country grappled with record unemployment and recession.

Underlining the unprecedented scrutiny that the monarchy has since faced, even the issue of where King Juan Carlos should be operated on this month prompted a debate.

By opting for Hospital Universitario Quirón, a private facility in Madrid, the king missed an opportunity to set an example and “back the public health care system” amid deep and controversial spending cuts in health care, Cayo Lara, the leader of the United Left party, said last Friday.

H/T Militza