Business Insider Runs Excerpt of “Unprecedented”

September 18th, 2013

Here is a sample:

The individual mandate was unprecedented.

Never before had Congress compelled individuals who chose to do nothing to buy a product. The legislative process to enact Obamacare was unprecedented.

Never before had such a monumental and transformational law been enacted so quickly with no support from the minority party.

All previous landmark legislation was passed with strong bipartisan support. The groups that opposed the law and rallied around the Constitution were unprecedented. Never before had constitutional social movements emerged and gained steam so quickly.

Though many of the most prominent social movements in our nation’s history — such as movements for the abolition of slavery, for women’s right to vote, and for civil rights — used the Constitution as their rallying cry, never before had a group like the Tea Party emerged spontaneously, and immediately obtained such prominence.

The legal challenge to Obamacare was unprecedented. Never before had a constitutional argument flourished and developed so quickly, gaining acceptance by courts in a matter of months rather than years (with the possible exception of Bush v. Gore, which materialized in 36 days).

This case was in every sense unprecedented.