Phew! Done Guest-Blogging at Volokh

September 17th, 2013

Over the past two weeks Eugene was kind enough to loan me the keys to the Conspiracy. My fourteen posts are collected here. I found the biggest difference between blogging here, and blogging on VC was the time. I’m comfortable enough on my own blog to peck away posts fairly quickly, some that make a few original points, or others that just report on what others say. At Volokh, I felt an obligation to focus on new stuff that people may not know. I was also cabined by only writing stuff relating to Obamacare, which was somewhat constraining. Also, I didn’t engage the commenters too much. There were a few comments here and there that actually cared what I thought, and were asking genuine questions. For the most part (no surprise), the commenters just wanted to make themselves heard. In truth, I hadn’t followed VC comment threads in some time. It amazes me how much time people give to going back-and-forth. These trails are substantive, and make valid points. Seriously time-consuming.

Anyway, I’m back here exclusively. It was fun while it lasted, but there’s no place like home.