Japanese Man To Have His Property Taken For Olympic Redevelopment A Second Time!

September 16th, 2013

Kohei Jinno should be the poster-child for eminent domain abuse (if such a thing exists in Japan!). In 1964 his property was taken to build a facility for the Olympics. For the 2020 Olympics, his property will be taken again!

When the Olympic Games came to Tokyo in 1964, tobacco salesman Kohei Jinno was forced to give up his shop and home to make way for the construction of a park around the National Olympic Stadium in Kasumigaoka. For two years, Jinno survived and supported his family though odd jobs, until he was able to open a new tobacco shop in the shadow of the Stadium in 1966. With theĀ 2020 Olympics coming to Tokyo, and plans the reconstruction of a massive new National Stadium moving forward, Jinno faces eviction for the second time in his life.

Kohei is the new Kelo!