Getting Married at Ivy League Law Schools

September 7th, 2013

WeddingCrunchers has crunched every single wedding announcement in the New York Times over the last 30 years. And you can run searches to see trends on the data.

Here is how the Ivy League law schools rank in appearances:

WeddingCrunchers_harvardlawschoolyalelaw (1)


Harvard is the undefeated king of the Ivy Leagues, but their klout has dropped significantly from the late 1980s. I blame the crits 🙂 In recent years, Yale has topped Harvard. This is all the more remarkable because the graduating class at Harvard is triple that of Yale. Since Dean Kagan left Harvard, it has been seriously slouching. Most recently, Penn has passed Harvard!

H/T Margaret Ryznar.

Update: A friend writes in to remind me that NYU is not an ivy league school. I apologize for this late-night blogging error. Though, in any event, there are very few NYU Law wedding announcements.