A really nice review of Unprecedented on Amazon – “Genre-Bending legal-political thriller”

September 5th, 2013

My most sincere thanks to Amazon user TimOctober for leaving this review for Unprecedented:

Unprecedented is a genre-bending legal-political thriller. At times the book is detailed, nuanced, and deep; at others, it is breathtakingly fast-paced and dramatic. From Justice Kagan’s mysterious decision to wall herself off from the case, to a look behind the scenes of the secret deliberations of the highest court in the land, Unprecedented gives a month-by-month, sometimes minute-by-minute (and even second-by-second!) account of the case of the millennium. Professor Blackman’s highly readable style, excitement about the case, and affection for the actors involved blend to create an auspicious early masterwork from a highly promising young legal talent.

Unprecedented is unprecedented. Unlike so many legal dramas that can feel dry and abstract, Unprecedent makes it feel like you’re there for some of the most important and critical decisions leading up to one of the most important moments in the history of the United States — the moment the Chief Justice of the United States affirmed the constitutionality of “the last piece of our basic social compact.”

I actually choked up as the book described those tense uncertain moments when the President and the Nation thought Obamacare had fallen, and the crowd outside began cheering for the Constitution. Now how many law books can you say made you feel something like that?

I am floored by such high praise.

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