Not only did the Justices talk about violent video games–they played them!

August 20th, 2013

Justice Kagan continues to tease us about the Justice’s “homework” Brown v. EMA. From a recent interview in Rhode Island:

Kagan said the justices often turn to their clerks, who are much younger, to help them understand new technologies.

But they also try to learn on their own. In one case, involving violent video games the first year she was on the court, justices who had never played the games before dove in and gave them a try, Kagan said.

“It was kind of hilarious,” she said.

She didn’t say which games they played.

Recall  this was the question Kagan asked in EMA:

JUSTICE KAGAN: It’s a candidate, meaning, yes, a reasonable jury could find that Mortal Combat [sic], which is an iconic game, which I am sure half of the clerks who work for us spend considerable amounts of time in their adolescence playing.
JUSTICE SCALIA: I don’t know what she’s talk[ing] about.