CaseText: New Crowdsourced Legal Research Site

August 7th, 2013

Casetext is a new crowdsourced legal research tool, that allows subject matter experts to annotate and edit cases, in a similar fashion to Wikipedia. The site, which currently hosts all Supreme Court cases, and cases from the Courts of Appeals, offers insights from leading scholars, annotated to each paragraph of the case.  So far, the site boasts among its contributors a number of LawProfs, including Rick Hasen, Rick Pidles, and Joshua Douglas. I added a shameless plug to my article on NFIB v. Sebelius as a test, and it was fairly easy. The key to this site will be building a community of editors and subject matter experts who can offer insights on case law.

The site was founded by Jake Heller, who was President of the Stanford Law Review, and Joanna Huey, was was President of the Harvard Law Review. I chatted with both of them yesterday, and they were committed to offering a free, crowdsourced legal research tool. Stay tuned.

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