RBG: Roberts Court “one of the most active courts” in history

July 31st, 2013

Strong words from Justice Ginsburg:

“The court has the reputation of being conservative, but if you take activism to mean readiness to strike down laws passed by Congress, I think the current court will go down in history as one of the most active courts in that regard,” she tells USA TODAY in a rare interview.

I would humbly submit that the Roberts Court has a ways to go to come close to the Warren Court in terms of activism.

Also interesting, RBG called herself the hardest working Justice. Who used to be number one? Souter!

“I think now I am the hardest-working justice. I wasn’t until David Souter left us,” she says, referring to the reclusive associate justice who retired in 2009. She is focused on her work, she says, “apart from my grandchildren and the opera.”

You know, wouldn’t be funny if Breyer retires before she does?