Supreme Dream

July 27th, 2013

Last night I had a dream that I was in the Supreme┬áCourt for the hand-down of a Voting Rights Act Opinion, but it wasn’t Shelby County. Justice Kennedy wrote for the majority, joined by the four conservatives, finding that some application of VRA was unconstitutional. Justice Thomas wrote a concurring opinion, joined by Justice Scalia (it was phrased as “joining in judgment, and joining the opinion, somewhat”). The concurring opinion began with something to the effect of, “Do you really expect us to believe this?”

Justice Kagan had the dissent, and for some reason it was illustrated. On the second page was the painting from the Girl with the Pearl Earrings. Instead of just reading it, she sang it, in a sing-song type way. There was a musical accompaniment. People were clapping.

I took out my phone (no idea why I had a phone in the Court) and started to record a Vine of it, while flipping through the pages of her opinion. Then when I tried to upload the Vine, I realized it was freemium, and I would have to pay more for uploads. Though, it was a cool vine so I payed like $14 for 20 uploads (way too much if you ask me). But it only uploaded part of it, and missed the part with Kagan singing.