Friends of Josh?

July 13th, 2013

My grandpa would always wear this hat that said “Friends of John.” It was the type of hat you hand out at a birthday party or something–light powder blue with faded white lettering. Perfect attire for a Floridian¬†Octogenarian¬† I asked him who John was. He had no idea. I asked him where he got the hat from. He couldn’t remember. But, he said he was a friend of John. Loyal till the end.

Are you a friend of Josh? Or, more precisely, a friend (amicus in Latin) of Josh Blackman’s blog? If so, do take a moment to submit an ABA Journal Blawg 100 Amici for With your nomination, I may be selected for the ABA Journal Blawg 100.

You can submit a nomination here. Please do so before August 9 (I understand that statute of limitations will not be equitably tolled).