The Jersey Shore Trinity: Firenze Edition

July 11th, 2013

I hold a shameful honor. I am one of the few people to visit all three houses occupied by the Cast of Jersey Shore. In July of 2011, I visited the house in Seaside Heights (gallery here). In October 2010, I visited the house in Miami Beach. On my recent trip to Italy, I was sure to take a detour to Florence (or Firenze for you natives) to do the Jersey Shore walking tour. Yes, that is actually a thing.

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First stop was 6 Via Vecchietti, the home they lived in.

The house was not particularly assuming, and there was nothing to signify that it once housed Seaside’s favorite residents.


Next, we took a trip to Pizzeria O’Vesuvio for some delicious Pizza. This was actually the highlight of the walking tour, as the restaurant was loaded with mementos from the show.








When you first walk in, there is a sign telling you not to take and pictures (a sign I apparently disregarded).





There is also a sign warning you that the show would be recorded in there.


One of the most distinctive aspects of the pizzeria is a clothesline filled with (what I can only imagine) are clothes the cast members left behind. There is a shirt from Pauly-D (you know the star), and a number of animal-print bras and thongs. The thought of these things being so close to food would probably warrant a health inspection in the states. But in Italy, it’s all good.





The rest of the restaurant was decorated with pictures from the show, and autographs from the cast-members scribbled right onto the wall. Plus there were lots of pictures, including Snooki in a neck brace.












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And this is the closet where Snooki took a nap. Yes, that seems to be a keg.


And here is the pharmacy where Deena went to get the late-night pregnancy test.












My mission is now complete.