Kagan on how she started hunting with Nino

June 29th, 2013

From her comments at the Aspen Institute (these are my rough transcriptions).

During my confirmation, I met with 80 Senators. Republicans and Democrats ask about views on the 2nd Amendments but I can’t answer. Then they ask, have you ever held a gun or gone hunting. I grew up on the upper west side of Manhattan. This is not something we really did. I kept on having these conversations. Kagan told a Senator, if you were to invite me hunting, I would really want to go. The Senator was appalled that Kagan invited herself. Kagan said, if I was lucky enough to be confirmed, I would ask Justice Scalia to go hunting with me. That was the only promise Kagan made, and Justice Scalia laughed.

Kagan has gone bird shooting with Scalia 4 or 5 Times. NIno said “it’s time for big game hunting.” They shot deer and antelope┬áKagan has since “bagged a deer.”