Yep. A nonprofit organization that fights AIDS has First Amendment rights

June 20th, 2013

Congratulations to the ALLIANCE FOR OPEN SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL INC., a corporation, for successfully championing the cause of corporate personhood, and asserting First Amendment rights. The Supreme Court’s opinion ruling in their favor makes no mention of the fact that they are a corporation, or any citations to Citizens United.

Respondents are a group of domestic organizations engaged in combating HIV/AIDS overseas

Organizations. Not individuals.

Update: Scalia may be hinting at this point in his dissent, but it is too opaque:

For example: One of the purposes of America’s foreign-aid programs is the fostering of good will towards this country. If the organization Hamas—reputed to have an efficient system for delivering welfare—were excluded from a program for the distribution of U. S. food assis-tance, no one could reasonably object. And that would remain true if Hamas were an organization of United States citizens entitled to the protection of the Constitution