How long until someone hacks Google Glass to allow facial-recognition technology?

June 3rd, 2013

Kudos to Google for reducing the creep factor of Google Glass by blocking any apps for Google Glas that can utilize facial recognition technology to identify people.

Google confirmed on its official Glass G+ pageearlier this evening that it won’t allow developers to create applications for the head-worn display that are capable of recognizing the faces of people the wearer encounters.

It’s no surprise that Google has been keen to downplay the idea of first-party face recognition features — Google Glass director Steve Lee gave the New York Times a near identical statementearlier this month — but now the company has made it clear that developers are subject to that same code of conduct.

This tells me that Google is already worried that someone has/will create this app. I imagine a rooted Google glass device can accomplish some pretty creepy games.

Update: It took about a month. Hacked.