The Jersey Invasion

May 26th, 2013

Someone at the New York Times had way too much fun with this lede:

As Boozy Invaders Hit Beach, Hamptons Sound a Snooki Alert

Now, in the quieter precincts of the Hamptons, some residents are fearing that the shift in the societal order could be made worse this year by a new wave of partyers, some of them driven north by Hurricane Sandy rebuilding efforts at New Jersey’s rowdy beaches.

They raise the question with only half-mock horror: Could Nicole Polizzi — a k a Snooki — be far behind, she who came to personify beach-side, drunken, disorderly conduct on MTV?

The worry is less about the newcomers’ origins, they say, than about their tranquility-shattering behavior.

“You don’t want to come across as snooty, but it’s about peace and quiet for all of us,” said Dayna Winter, 49, a registered dietitian and a year-round resident who watched with dismay last summer as some of the partyers tried to entice her 15-year-old niece to join them. (They failed.) “It’s not a party scene; it’s not what we want it to become.”

Not since the Flinstones met the Jetsons has there been such a culture shock as Jersey meeting Long Island.

“With the devastation of Sandy,” she added, “we’re all a little nervous.”

Speaking of Jersey, Governor Christie had a bit of a stand-off with our favorite pint-sized provocateur, Snooki. Snooki said, “He just doesn’t like us.


In case you want a flashback to the original Jersey Shore, which came from Long Island, watch this 2007 video. Absolutely NSFW.