Nudging Hotel Guests Towards Restful Sleep

May 15th, 2013

I stay at way too many hotels, and I have had too many restless nights due to noisy neighbors. Calls to the front desk seldom resolve the issue, so i have taken to travelling with a pair of ear plugs. They are dirt cheap, but can make a hotel stay priceless. Recently, I have started to see hotels offer ear plugs right in the room

At the Marriott Courtyard in New Haven, a card next to the ear plugs was very direct in its message.


These cheap ear plugs can probably resolve many noise complaints without the hotel having to do anything. Ear plugs are far more effective than a manager pounding on someone’s door at 2 in the morning.

Just don’t sleep through your alarm clock with the earlplugs in–it happens. I’ve found a vibrating ring tone on the nightstand is more discernible .