Kim Dotcom orders removal of 3D Gun Blueprints

May 12th, 2013

It seems that not even Kim Dotcom, the world’s most famous intellectual property pirate, wants to host the blueprints for the Liberator.

Internet mogul Kim Dotcom says designs for a 3D-printed gun are scary and he’s deleted public links to its blueprints from his new file-sharing website.

The US Government is investigating whether the gun design breached arms-control laws relating to shipping weapons overseas by making the plans publicly available online.

The plans were available on Dotcom’s Mega website, but the New Zealand-based entrepreneur asked his staff to delete the public files.

Dotcom says he thinks they are a serious threat to security of the community.

Techcrunch notes:

Now that even he’s abandoned 3D weapons, perhaps there is some information that the Internet and government can collaboratively reject.