The Chief Justice Is As Leaky As A Sieve

March 28th, 2013

Does anone else think its odd that WaPo was able to talk to the person who works at the Starbucks JGR munches at, and HuffPo talked the barber who crops the Chief’s bob?

Washington is a horrible place.


Roberts usually uses a credit card to buy his morning coffee at his local Starbucks in suburban Maryland.

But on Tuesday, when he needed to be extra sharp for the arguments that day over California’s ban of same-sex marriage, he had to pay in cash.

Seems someone had gotten his credit-card numbers, he told the cashier, and he was obliged to cancel the card.


Roberts was overheard by The Huffington Post making a similar claim at a D.C. barber shop on Wednesday, noting that the theft had apparently originated from a suspect in Kentucky.

It’s unclear why the chief justice felt the need to explain his reason for paying in cash.

Seriously. And no one could get the source of the ObamaCare leak?

On that note, I will be posting a preview of my book next week talking about the source of the leak. Stay tuned.