Scalia Jokes About Strom Thurmond, They’re Laughing At Him, Not With Him

March 26th, 2013

OK, I don’t get this joke in the context about asking about age. Did Strom ask about age? Or is it that Strom had a child late in life? I don’t get it.

JUSTICE KAGAN: Well, I just asked about age. I didn’t ask about anything else. That’s not — we ask about people’s age all the time.

MR. COOPER: Your Honor, and even asking about age, you would have to ask if both parties are infertile. Again —

JUSTICE SCALIA: Strom Thurmond was — was not the chairman of the Senate committee when Justice Kagan was confirmed. (Laughter.)

Why would Scalia bring up Strom on a day that is being compared to Loving v. Virginia. For crying out loud.