Ted Olson’s Standing in the Conservative Community

March 24th, 2013

The Associated Press has a lengthy profile of Ted Olson that comments on his declining stature in conservative circles following his lawsuit with David Boies against Prop 8:

Certain law partners no longer call Theodore B. Olson for lunch. Old friends no longer come to dinner at his sprawling house in the woods near the Potomac. One of his best friends died in December, somewhat estranged.

All since Olson — the conservative legal icon, crusader against Bill and Hillary Clinton, defender of George W. Bush — signed on to fight for same-sex marriage in California, a battle that he will take to the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday when he challenges Proposition 8, the state measure that banned gay marriage.

I’ve heard many similar rumblings. Indeed, Olson was considered by the twenty-six states challenging ObamaCare as their Supreme Court advocate, but was promptly disqualified because the Republican AGs were not comfortable with Ted arguing the case. Instead, the case went to Olson’s predecessor, Paul Clement.