Where is the Washington Post Interview of Justice Stevens in the now-deleted ABA Journal Post?

March 21st, 2013

This story from the ABA Journal popped up on my RSS feed, but the link to it is dead.


USLawyers.com also managed to scrape it:

Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens isn’t rethinking his decision to retire at the age of 90. In a Washington Post interview, Stevens responds to a question about whether he prefers this time in his life. “What’s my choice?” Stevens responds. “I definitely made the…

I can’t find any Washington Post interview with JPS about this. Anyone know what is up here?

Maybe it was an embargoed story?

Update: Molly from the ABA Journal writes in:

It was an old story in the Washington Post that was posted to our blog in error. I took it down when I realized it was from a 2011 interview with Justice Stevens.

Thanks for the clarification. This is definitely not something Justice Stevens would say today. He probably wishes he was still on the Court.