The Congressional Tea Party Caucus Is Gone

March 21st, 2013

One of the most remarkable aspects about the Tea Party is that it vanished nearly as quickly as it first appeared. When writing my book, I was stunned at how quickly it became influential. Now, Dave Weigel writes that the formerly-powerful Tea Party Caucus in Congress–instrumental in placing pressure on the Pro-Life Democrats to oppose the ACA, is done.

Today, the membership page for the caucus is defunct. The caucus hasn’t met since July 2012; it has posted no news since July 2012. In the press, “Tea Party caucus” has become an offhand way to refer to conservatives. In her speech to CPAC, which included a typically Bachmann-ian error about how much TANF money is wasted on administration, Bachmann didn’t mention “the Tea Party.”

So long Tea Party.

H/T Doug Mataconis.