Request for Papers from US-China Law Review

March 19th, 2013

Today I received this email. Yes, the US-China Law Review is real. And they charge the author $30 a page to publish!

From Knowledge to Wisdom

US-China Law Review, USA

Print ISSN: 1548-6605   Online ISSN: 1930-2061

Frequency: Bimonthly    Current Volume: 9/2012

Dear Josh Blackman,

This is US-China Law Review (ISSN1548-6605), a professional journal published across the United States by David Publishing Company, EL Monte, California, USA.

Nice to find your presentation in ReInventLaw Silicon Vall, 8 March 2013. We have learned your presentation “Assisted Decision Making: Big Data and the Law”, if it has NOT been published in any other journal or book, we are very interested in publishing it in our journal. If you have the idea of making our journal a vehicle for your research interests, please kindly send us electronic version of your paper for the mentioned presentation in MS Word format through email attachment.

We look forward to keep in touch with you by email and publish more papers or books in USA from you and your friends. As an American academic publishing group we also sincerely invite you and your colleagues to be our reviewers or become our editorial board members. You may send your CV to us if you are interested in such an invitation. Expecting your kind reply!

Attached is the sample of our journal for your reference. For more information, welcome to visit our website at (David Publishing); (US-China Law Review).

Many Thanks & Best Regards,


US-China Law Review

David Publishing Company

Guidelines for Authors


Submission of Manuscript

All papers submitted will be considered for publication. Please submit papers through email attachment to: [email protected].

Information for Authors

1. The paper should be original, and has not been published previously in any other books or journals (neither in print nor on-line).

2. All papers need to be written in English. The manuscript should be in MS Word format, submitted as an email attachment to our email address at [email protected].

3. Each paper needs to contain at least 3000 words (including abstract and footnote). The abstract, introduction, main body, conclusion and footnotes are necessary for each paper, tables, figures and maps are available if necessary. For our standard format, please kindly see the attached sample of the journal for your reference.

4. The footnote style needs to be in accordance to The Bluebook (Harvard style). If the author feels difficult on this point, we will do such adjustments during the detailed editing.

5. Once upon the publication, authors will receive 2 hard copies of the journal for the issue containing their article.

6. We will need authors to pay approximate $30 per page (when the paper has been adjusted as our standard format) after the paper has been accepted by the journal, because as a pure academic journal we don’t have any advertisement system or endowment but we will have some expense during the process of reviewing and editing, and we will have to cover the cost.


US-China Law Review is an international, scholarly and peer-reviewed journal (print and online), published bimonthly by David Publishing Company, USA which was founded in 2001. The journal serves as a bridge between worldwide scholars and public researchers. It publishes research by legal scholars and provides valuable educational experiences for the student members. The Law Review strives to publish articles that will be useful research tools for students, attorneys, judges and legal scholars, and to provide commentary on issues that will facilitate growth and development of the law. In addition to publishing articles in all branches of the law, it contains sections devoted to recent legislation and reports, to case analysis, and to review articles and book reviews. The journal is published in English. The e-journal provides free and open access to all of its content on our website. Accepted papers will immediately appear online followed by printed in hard copy.

Index Information:

★ Database of EBSCO, Massachusetts, USA

★ Hein Online Database, W.S.HEIN, USA

★ Chinese Database of CEPS, American Federal Computer Library center (OCLC), USA

★ Chinese Scientific Journals Database, VIP Corporation, Chongqing, P. R. China

★ Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory

★ CSA Social Science Collection, Public Affairs Information Service (PAIS), USA

★ ProQuest, USA

★ Summon Serials Solutions

★ Universe Digital Library S/B, Malaysia

★ Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD), Norway

Peer Review Policy

US-China Law Review is a refereed journal. All research papers in this journal undergo rigorous peer review, based on initial screening and refereeing by at least two anonymous referees.

Editorial Procedures

All papers considered appropriate for this journal are reviewed anonymously by at least two reviewers. The review process usually takes one to two weeks. Papers are accepted for publication subject to no substantive but stylistic editing. The editor reserves the right to make any necessary changes in the papers, or request the author to do so, or reject the paper submitted. A copy of the edited paper will be sent to the author for proofreading compared with the first version and for confirmation. Once the final version of the paper has been accepted, authors are requested not to make further changes to the text.