Bread, Baker, and the Constitution: Lochner on Stage

March 19th, 2013

Yes, this actually exists–a dramatization of Lochner v. New York, courtesy of the players at Waynesburg University.

My favorite part is where the character playing Justice Holmes says “I can’t find anything about liberty of contract in the entire Constitution,” and one of the other Justices says, “Oh, Oliver.”

Here is the production info:

This play, written by Stover Scholars Chase Ayers and Daniel Czajkowski, dramatizes the landmark 1905 U.S. Supreme Court case, Lochner v. New York. This dispute over whether it was constitutionally permissible for New York state to limit the hours of bakery employees raises the enduring structural constitutional issues of federalism, judicial review, the extent of government regulation of the economy and commerce, and constitutional interpretation.

The Stover Center for Constitutional Studies and Moral Leadership is committed to creatively transforming the polis, bringing insights from the U.S. Constitution’s Founding Era and Christianity to bear in the contemporary public square.

We are grateful for the assistance of Professor Edward L. Powers, who directed the play, his second production with the Stover Scholars.

Lawrence M. Stratton, J.D., Ph.D.
Director, Stover Center for Constitutional Studies and Moral Leadership
Assistant Professor of Ethics and Constitutional Law
Waynesburg University

I think I’ve met Stratton at the last Federalist Society conference. In any event, someone read David’s book.

H/T (Who else) David Bernstein