The National Anthem at the Houston Rodeo – The Most American Thing I Have Ever Seen

March 15th, 2013

Thursday night, I went to the Houston Rodeo, and I saw the most American thing I have ever seen. Before the Rodeo begins, a Marine sung the national anthem. In the center ring, a woman, wearing a sequined gown, rode a horse bareback. No saddle or anything or anything. She wasn’t even holding on! This was to symbolize the freedom that Americans have (yes the announcer actualyl said this).

While she rode the horse bareback in the sequined gown, she was holding a huge American flag. And, when the anthem go to the part about “rockets red glare,” fireworks started shooting from all over the stadium. Then, the American flag, which apparently was a giant roman candle, started to shoot out fireworks. We can *this* close to a Texas v. Johnson situation. Picture this, as the woman is riding the horse, she is holding an American flag that is literally firing rockets. I have never, ever, ever seen anything so American.

It is at this point that I realized that I am actually in Texas. That, and when I was preparing my taxes last night, I thought there was some error on my W2 as the box for state taxes was blank. Then it hit me. Texas. As the meme goes, ‘Merica.

Fast-forward to :23 for the explosions, and 1:05 for the exploding American flag.