Feeding the Homeless

March 12th, 2013

I frequently read the blog, Texts from Last Night. I find these short blurbs hilarious. Though, yesterday (for perhaps the first time), I had experienced one of the texts:

A homeless guy wouldnt accept my granola bar because he didnt have any teeth. I think i win the prize for the ultimate rejection.

That happened to me!

Houston has a significant number of homeless people who panhandle by the onramps of the freeways. I am not comfortable giving them money, because I am pretty sure I know how they’ll spend it. Instead, I keep in my car a huge box of granola bars and a case of water bottles. I give every person I see a granola and a water bottle.

That was until one of the guys I frequently give to told me that granola was too hard to chew (his teeth were in bad shape). He joked that he fed it to a raccoon. I asked him what he would prefer, and he said something softer.

So I bought a case of Nutrigrain bars and Special K Breakfast Bars, which are easy to chew. He likes those a lot better.

Anyway. Protrip for feeding homeless people. Always get something that is easy to chew.