Thomas Friedman on Flipping The Classroom

March 7th, 2013

Therefore, we have to get beyond the current system of information and delivery — the professorial “sage on the stage” and students taking notes, followed by a superficial assessment, to one in which students are asked and empowered to master more basic material online at their own pace, and the classroom becomes a place where the application of that knowledge can be honed through lab experiments and discussions with the professor. There seemed to be a strong consensus that this “blended model” combining online lectures with a teacher-led classroom experience was the ideal.

This is something I am working on for my own classroom. I’ve blogged before about the need to shift away from the Socratic stage of the stage, and move towards the professorial facilitator.

I haven’t quite figured out the dynamics, but shifting the lecturing to before class is a must. Already, my YouTube library has nearly a hundred of my lectures recorded. These will serve as the basis of the flipped classroom, at some point.