Poll: What should the title of my book be? (Leave your name in the comments and I’ll send you an autograph plate)

March 6th, 2013

I am at the point where I need to settle on a title of my book. Please vote in the Poll below. If you put your name and email address in the comments (it won’t show up publicly), I will send you an autograph plate when the book is released (basically, a customized insert you can put in the front cover with my signature).

A few notes. First, I have wavered back and forth about using the word ObamaCare in the title. I recognize that many think this term is pejorative, but the President has embraced it. In an interview in Rolling Stone, when asked “Do you mind if historians call the achievement Obamacare?” the President responded, “I’ll be very proud.” So I’m going to use ObamaCare in the title.

Second, I am wavering between “Unprecedented” and “The People v. ObamaCare.” I have been working with Unprecedented for nearly two years, as it is the key word of the challenge, but those outside the case won’t know what it means. I came up with the People v. ObamaCare. It has the plus/minus of invoking the People v. Larry Flynt, but also underscores how over half the states in the union opposed the law. And it has some marketing pep.

So here are the options:

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