FantasySCOTUS Went 6-3 This Week, Overall 68% Accuracy for the Term

February 20th, 2013

This week, the Supreme Court dropped nine opinions on us. FantasySCOTUS correctly predicted Chaidez v. US, Gunn v. Minton, Henderson v. U.S., Johnson v. Williams, Florida v. Harris, and FTC. Phoebe Putney Health System. Two of the cases we missed were awfully close. Evans v. Michigan was 47.4/52.63 and Chafin v. Chafin was 51.3/48.7. Bailey v. U.S. was 58.4/41.6, a wider margin, but still was too close to call.

Overall, this term, FantasySCOTUS has predicted 68.4% of the cases correctly. That is about our historical average.


You can view all predictions at the FantasySCOTUS Prediction Tracker.