“I have been wrongfully accused of a crime and I want my life back.”

February 19th, 2013

breyer-nevisThis is Vedel Browne, the man accused of robbing Justice Breyer ‘s home at machete-point in Nevis. Browne maintains his innocence, and claims that he is being scape-goated.

On February 19, Browne said that he walked into the Charlestown Police Station to clear his name but was arrested and charged.

“When I was arrested, Mr. Carty [police officer] told me that I robbed the Judge and they gone charge me. He said they don’t want to hear nothing from me because I rob de Judge. They say it is a tall Rasta man who did it and I am a Rasta,” he said.

Browne maintains that he had an alibi for the night in question but again police dismissed him. He claims he was at someone’s home the entire night and the individual informed the police of such.

“She went and told them I was by her that night but they told her they don’t want to hear nothing. They never found anything on me or in my house. They never found any weapon,” he said.

Will Justice Breyer come to his rescue?