Contracts Professors Rejoice! Donald Trump is Suing Bill Maher

February 4th, 2013

You may recall that Bill Maher said he would donate $5 million Donald Trump’s preferred charity if he could prove he is not “spawn of his mother having sex with an orangutan.” Trump, of course, retained a lawyer, provided a copy of his birth certificate, and threatened to sue unless Maher paid up.

Here is the letter Trump’s attorney sent Maher:

Dear Mr. Maher:

I represent Mr. Donald J. Trump.  I write on his behalf to accept your offer (made during the Jay Leno Show on January 7, 2013) that Mr. Trump prove he is not the “spawn of his mother having sex with an orangutan.”

Attached hereto is a copy of Mr. Trump’s birth certificate, demonstrating that he is the son of Fred Trump, not an orangutan. Please remit the $5 million to Mr. Trump immediately and he will ensure that the money be donated to the following five charities in equal amounts: Hurricane Sandy Victims, The Police Athletic League, The American Cancer Society, The March of Dimes, and The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.


Scott S. Balber

Later trump postured to sue:

 “He made an absolute offer. I made an absolute acceptance. I showed him documentation, and he owes me $5 million, which I’m going to give to charities,” Trump said. “Let’s see what happens, and if he doesn’t give me the money, we’ll probably sue him.”

Contracts professors rejoice, you now have another case to teach other than Leonard v. Pepsico to illustrate reasonableness of offers.

The Donald is suing! This morning on Fox News he announced “breaking news” that he is in fact suing.

“[Maher] made me an offer. I accepted the offer immediately, and he didn’t come through with the $5 million,” Trump said on Fox News.

But wasn’t Maher joking? He was a comedian on the Tonight Show?

“I don’t think he was joking. He said it with venom. That was venom. That wasn’t a joke. In fact, he was nervous when he said it. It was a pathetic delivery,”

What a pathetic waste of public resources for a court to entertain this suit. Maybe at least Trump can be sanctioned?



H/t Althouse