Don’t Mess With (Horses In) Texas

February 1st, 2013

From the annals of Texas criminal justice, a story of a person who was “trying to make the horse have a baby.” Courtesy of the Smoking Gun:

Mendoza, who had been waiting to hear from his girlfriend, noted that, “I told myself that if she didn’t call me I was going to go next door and mess with the neighbor’s horse.”

Dude seriously couldn’t wait.

Which is what occurred, Mendoza, seen at right, told Sergeant Raymond Jansky.

“I was trying to make the horse have a baby,” Mendoza explained. “I was thinking it would have a horseman baby.” He added, “I ain’t going to lie, I blew a nut in the horse. I then got off the bucket and put my clothes back on and left. I promise that I have not been back over to the horse since that time.”

Read all of it. It is quite lurid.

As a sad footnote, Mendoza hung himself in a county jail.

H/T Omar H.