Prop1 Class 4: The Capture Rule: Oil and Gas, Acquisition by Creation

January 24th, 2013

Today we will finish the rule of capture, with a discussion on oil and gas, and other “fugitives.” Then, we move onto acquisiton by creation. Be creative.

And, in case you were wondering, the name of the fox will be “Ferae.” (pronounced furry).

The lecture notes are here. The livechat is here.

Oil & Gas

And, “I drink your milkshake.”


Here are some pics illustrating slant drilling. One of which may be from a cartoon.




International News Service v. Associated Press

The International News Service was owned by the famous publisher and Yellow Journalist William Randolph Hearst.


The majority opinion was written by Justice Mahlon Pitney. He was Christopher Reeve’s (Superman!) great-grandfather. He was a pretty non-noteworthy justice.


The author of the dissent, Justice Brandeis, was a big deal.


Cheney Brothers v. Doris Silk Corp

This opinion was authored by 2nd Circuit Judge Learned Hand, the greatest judge never to sit on the Supreme Court. Yes that was his name, Learned Hand. Actually his full name is Billings Learned Hand, but in college he started going by Learned. Learned’s cousin, Augustus, was also on the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals.

Here is an awesome video of hand signing.