Video: Ilya Somin Talks About Kelo, Backlash, and Post-Kelo Reforms at South Texas College of Law

January 22nd, 2013

I had the honor and privilege of introducing my former professor, and good friend, Ilya Somin at a Federalist Society event at the South Texas College of Law. Ilya talked about Kelo, the backlash to Kelo, and the post-Kelo reforms. I provided some commentary to Ilya’s talk based on Texas’s Amendment 11, which purported to strengthen protection against eminent domain. Ilya says it was largely ineffective due to a broad definition of blight. We had a great turnout, and appreciate him coming.   Here’s a pic of Ilya and me:


And, our talented FedSoc Chapter President Brandon Frenza made this cool flyer.

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