Sotomayor on the Court, Public Opinion, and Activism

January 22nd, 2013

In response to a question from Stewart about whether the Justices pay attention to the media, Justice Sotomayor responded,¬†“We’ren not monks. We don’t sit in a cave. We do read the newspapers. Some of us may watch Jon Stewart.”

Stewart smiled, dead-panned, looked right at the camera, and said, “Hello Clarence.” Sotomayor also said ¬†activism “term people label an outcome they don’t like.”

Later Stewart mocked CNN and Fox (not by name) for blowing the ACA decision. Stewart said, “they went back and read page two” before they realized they were right. Actually, it was on page 3. CNN’s reporter was shown reading Page 2, which only showed RObert’s vote on ACA. The good stuff was on page 3.

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