The Oath: Part Three

January 20th, 2013

This time Chief Justice Roberts used notes. He got it right! I think POTUS enjoyed saying,  “Thank you, Chief Justice. Thank you so much.” a bit more than usual.


Here is the pool report:

The entire oath ceremony lasted about 1 minute. Chief Justice Roberts led the president in reciting the oath, including the president’s full name “Barack Hussein Obama.”

The president sweared his oath rather than affirmed as expected.

Two two man recited the oath carefully and resolutely without any hint of trouble after the 2009 oath was initially mangled.

At the end of the oath, Roberts said “Congratulations, Mr. President.”

Obama said “Thank you, Chief Justice. Thank you so much.”

The two men seemed warm, but formal, with no hint of animosity.

Obama then said “All right, thank you everybody” and exited.

Only main staffer pooler saw was Press Secretary Jay Carney, who stood behind pooler.

Am also told that John Roberts wife attended, standing next to Obama’s family.

Will have more color and details on the family who attended shortly, but will have to do from IDing people in the photos. The White House at this point is not giving us a list.

And here is the video of Justice Sotomayor swearing in Vice President Biden–early due to the Justice’s book signing. The good stuff begins at 3:08.

Update: According to the Times, Biden referenced the fact that Sotomayor had to skip town for her book signing.

Afterward, Mr. Biden shook the justice’s hand, turned to a large audience of family, friends and close political associates, and expressed his warm thanks. Justice Sotomayor, he noted, was due in New York and had a car waiting to take her to Union Station. “Madame Justice, it’s been an honor, a great honor,” he said.

Update: Photographs from the White House: