When was “8th November in the second year of the Queen”?

January 17th, 2013

Sir_John_Holt_by_Richard_Van_BleeckKeeble v. Hickeringill (remember the duck hunt case in property) was issued from the Queen’s Bench by Lord Chief Justice Holt (this guy) in 1707. But when did the underlying act occur. The opinion begins?

Plaintiff declares that he was, 8th November in the second year of the Queen…

So when was that? Queen Anne ascended to the throne on March 8, 1702. Thus, the second year of the Queen would have been 1704. This case lingered from 1704 till 1707 for a resolution. Slow justice for a duck hunt. The Dukeminier text notes that the case was “argued several times.”

Interestingly, Queen Anne’s sister-in-law was Mary II, who married William III. William and Mary became joint monarchs following the Glorious Revolution. Anne ascended to the throne after William died in 1702.

Update: My friend Josh Chafetz, who specializes in all things British history, writes in with a correction:

Actually, it was probably 1703. 2 Anne runs from 8 March 1703 to 7 March 1704.