Baseball Abandoning Dugout-Bullpen Landlines, Transitioning to Cell Phones

January 9th, 2013

After some embarrassing games where the classical dugout phone failed, MLB is joining the 21st century, and adopting a modern approach to communication between the dugout and bullpen.

 Major League Baseball is now about to disconnect the landlines that link dugouts to bullpens. Long after the rest of society embraced cellphones, managers and coaches will soon be able to discuss pitching changes on Samsung Galaxy S III phones.

The 21st-century 4G dugout-to-bullpen connection that is being created by T-Mobile USA as part of its wireless sponsorship with Major League Baseball was announced Tuesday at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

 “This is baseball’s continued push into the digital age,” said Tim Brosnan, Major League Baseball’s executive vice president for business. “It’s also about a very aggressive wireless provider that sought us out to create this unique communications platform.”

If Steinbrenner was still alive, he would totally be texting the manager, “You’re Fired!”