Farewell to General Suter

January 7th, 2013

General William Suter, the Clerk of the Supreme Court is retiring at the end of the term.

General Suter is a treasure at the Court. He is such a warm and dedicated person, and his commitment to his country and to the Court is unrivaled. I will always remember him standing tall (he has to be at least 6’6″) next to the Bench. When the Chief asked him to read the names of a Bar Admittee, his voice boomed throughout the Court.

During the last day of the October 2011 Term, following the announcement of the ACA case, the Chief noted that Suter reached his 50th anniversary of government service in September of 2012. When Robert noted that the Court will return on the first Monday in October, he said he expected Suter to be there at the “same time, same place.” Mark Walsh, who was in the Court at the time, noted that “The audience begins to applaud, apparently for Suter, not for the outcome in the opinions they have just heard. Applause is frowned upon during court sessions, but no one seems too concerned.”

I hope you get a bigger round of applause at the end of this term. You will be missed General Suter.

Here is an interview with General Suter from the 6th Circuit Appellate Blog.

H/T Lyle