The D.C. Circuit Charges $2.90 Per Page For a Transcript of Oral Argument!?

December 28th, 2012

This is ridiculous.

Current pricing and completion
schedules are:
$2.90 per page – 10 business days
$3.05 per page – 7 business days
$4.55 per page – 2 business days
By order of the Court, copies of oral argument tapes may only be purchased once a case has been completely closed. All appeals, remands, or other additional proceedings must be concluded before the oral argument tape can be reproduced.

The transcript for an hour proceeding is easily 100 pages. $300 pages for a transcript of a court proceeding. Unbelievable.

And it costs $30 for a copy of the audio recording.

Any person interested in purchasing a recording of an oral argument may do so by requesting it inwriting from the Court address on the previous page. Please provide the name of the case, the case number and the date of argument. Once a request for an oral argument recording is received, the Court will determine whether or not the case has been completely closed. If the case has been completely closed, the Court will contact the requestor for payment. The current price for one copy of an oral argument recording is $30 and payment must be made by check or money order only. Please do not send cash. The request for the oral argument recording will be processed as soon as payment is received. The requestor should also indicate a delivery preference. The oral argument tape will either be mailed with first class postage or the tape may be picked up from the Clerk’s Office. If the case has not been completely closed, the requestor will be so notified.

All this to hear Judge Kavanaugh ask about the Anti-Injunction Act. Harumph.

Update: A generous person, who shall remain unnamed, has sent me a copy of this transcript. You can download it here.