JoshVlogs Flashback: Hitler Reacts to Citizens United v. FEC.

December 11th, 2012

Way back in February of 2010 (a few months after the launch of my blog), shortly after the President’s State of the Union address where he criticized the Citizens United Court, I decided to create a Hitler reaction video. Those were totally the meme at the time. Alas, a mere hour after I uploaded the video, I was required to take it down due to my employment at the time.

I had forgotten about it, but I was going through some old files, and I found it. Now, it is on YouTube.

And really, a number of points I made back in February of 2010 were quite prescient.

First, I doubted whether the President could have a “forceful┬áresponse” to a constitutional decision.

You would need an amendment.

But that’s impossible!

Second, I noted that Stevens would retire soon–but POTUS did not have 60 votes.

Third, I also predicted that Justice Kagan would fix this mess (she did vote with the dissenters in the Montana case).

Fourth, I also focused on John Roberts’s promise of “judicial minimalism.”

Oh, to decide questions on narrower grounds. Why would Roberts do that?

Even AH remembers Roberts’s minimalism in NAMUDNO (tho I don’t think that opinion is long for this world)!

Don’t worry. The Chief made up for it this year.

This is a fun flashback.