New Article on SSRN: “My Own Theory of the Law”

November 25th, 2012

You can download this article here. I was greatly inspired by Orin Kerr’s A Theory of the Law. I think this sets the record for my quickest turnaround time for an article. But I assure you, it is rock solid.

Update: 5 hours after I posted this article to SSRN, I already have 200 downloads. It’s already in my top 5. Orin Kerr is definitely onto something.

I would like to flag you to an important new article, based on Orin’s scholarship by Geoffrey Manne, titled “A signaling Theory of Law.” He describes his article here, and offers some kind words about my work.

Available here.  Although not the first article to build on Orin Kerr’s brilliant paper, A Theory of Law (blog post here) (that honor belongs to Josh Blackman’s challenging and thought-provoking paper, My Own Theory of the Law) (blog post here), I think this is an important contribution to this burgeoning field.  It’s still a working paper, though, so comments are welcome.

I think there will soon be some very, very confused law review editors, unable to grasp why every single footnote in an article cites the Green Bag.

Update: With over 400 downloads in less than 12 hours, I have now submitted this work to the Greenbag’s Micro-Symposium Issue on Orin’s Theory of Law.