Google Reminded Me of My Upcoming Flight … Even though I never told it to remind me.

November 23rd, 2012

How? It automatically indexed the confirmation email United sent to my gmail account. Today, when I went to, a box popped up that said “Reminder: upcoming flight to Houston. Click here for flight information.”

When I click that link, it allows me to jump directly to the confirmation email in my gmail.

That is pretty cool, and scary.

Other creepy related Google stuff. Before I left my house for the airport, I googled the flight number to make sure everything was on time. When I turned on the Google Navigator on my Android, Google recommended that I go to the airport, or–even better–the parking lot near the airport where I usually park. Also, when I want to go to temple on a Friday night, it recommends the temple I usually go to. I’m convinced Google knows where I want to go before I do!